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What We Do for you

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Trauma-Informed Care

Your pelvic, sexual, and mental health can be a very vulnerable space. Our trauma-informed care recognizes and responds to the impact of trauma on individuals and the importance of sensitivity and compassion.  What does this mean for you? 


Perinatal Mental Health

As occupational therapists trained in functional mental wellness, we are instrumental in addressing risk factors associated with perinatal mental health. We can help identify these risk factors early on, enabling targeted interventions to mitigate challenges.

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Sexual Health Counseling

We integrate physical, emotional, and relational support to offer a safe space for exploration, education, and empowerment. Through personalized sessions, we  help you rediscover confidence, connection, and joy in your sexual health and identity.

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Maternal Health

Whether in our clinic or in your home, we prioritize client-centered support, and creative, accessible services to empower your journey into motherhood. Feel seen, heard, and strengthened, embracing your motherhood identity as the truly phenomenal human you are.

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Women's Pelvic Health

 Our holistic care emphasizes a comprehensive approach, integrating physical, mental, and emotional aspects. We use functional strategies, mindful movement, and targeted exercises to go beyond symptoms and address root causes, enhancing your mobility, resilience, and wellbeing.


Men's Pelvic Health

We also support men with pelvic health concerns, such as prostate health, erectile dysfunction, and post-surgical recovery from procedures. We use personalized and compassionate strategies catering to the distinct anatomical and physiological needs of men.

What Does an Evaluation Look Like at Medusa?

Before your upcoming first visit, dive in here for more information, to clarify any potential curiosities, and ask us any concerns or questions you may have. Read time: 6 minutes

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