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Sexual Health:


Sexual Health discovery can be a scary but significant step in achieving overall wellbeing. Anyone can benefit from taking this step, from individuals coping with chronic pelvic pain, to women in pregnancy or postpartum navigating changes in body and desire, to individuals with pelvic floor disorders or history of pelvic surgery. We emphasize a safe, private, calm environment, and specialized training in trauma-informed care to also support individuals with a history of sexual or medical trauma who are ready to take another step in their healing, and couples facing intimacy challenges who want to find ways to reconnect and communicate their sexual needs.


​Our Sexual Health Counseling is rooted in practical strategies, guiding individuals toward a more balanced physical and emotional life. We foster open conversations, encouraging exploration of communication, relationships, self, and desires. As occupational therapists, we are uniquely attuned to help you map your physical needs, routine, habits, roles, and relationships, and guide you to uncover the subtle influences on the intimate aspects in your daily life. This process also allows for practical solutions designed to improve your sexual health and vitality.


​Sexual health counseling becomes a journey of reconnection, rediscovery, and reshaping perspectives of sexuality and sensuality. Yet, it is not all serious contemplation. Our approach introduces an element of fun and joy into your sex life. It is a balance between insightful conversations and practical, actionable steps. It is a thoughtful, personalized approach that extends beyond the bedroom, considering your entire life mosaic.


What sets sexual health counseling apart from traditional sex therapy is the emphasis on these tangible, day-to-day adjustments. Sex therapy, led by licensed mental health practitioners, delves into the psychological and emotional dimensions of sexuality, often focusing on specific problems or disorders through psychotherapy. When needed, we can provide vetted and safe referrals to sex therapy specialists.

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