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Hello PhenoMama:

we are here for you

Pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood bring about so many changes, emotions, feelings, and questions. We exclusively offer our Pillars of Support, a wide breadth of coverage and services we provide to empower you where you are, and work with you to get where you want to be.


We are currently the only occupational therapists in New Mexico to offer comprehensive, client-centered, and innovative postpartum support in our private, soothing clinic or in the comfort of your home! We strive to be recognized for our commitment to compassionate care, and personalized convenience. Our thoughtful evaluations and focused sessions set a new standard in pelvic therapy and perinatal/postpartum care and mental health by offering creative and accessible services, empowering you to prioritize yourself in the very space where so much growth and change is happening.


Why also offer a mobile practice that can meet you in your home? We believe that providing support in your home is fundamental to fostering a smooth transition into motherhood. By being right there in the heart of your daily life, we can offer personalized and practical guidance that is seamlessly integrated into your routines. This in-home approach ensures that our support is not just professional but also profoundly personal, making the journey into motherhood more comfortable, convenient, and connected. But you don't have to just receive care there! We offer the same level of care in our warm, safe, and comforting clinic space.


Bringing baby into the world is an incredible force of nature. It is also an experience that impacts your identity, your functional strength, your sleep, your relationships, your sense of self. We want you to feel seen, to feel heard, to feel stronger, more stable in your body, centered in your mental health, and reinforced in your support and identity, as the truly phenomenal human you are. Pregnancy and fertility can also be very difficult and trying experiences. For women who have experienced infertility, loss, or medical or chosen termination, we are here for you, too, with compassionate care structured around your physical, emotional, and functional mental health needs.

Empowering New Moms: Occupational Therapy Strategies for Postpartum Wellbeing

Welcoming a new baby is a joyous occasion, but it also brings a host of physical, emotional, and logistical challenges for new moms. As occupational therapists, we have unique skills to support them through this transition.
Here are some targeted strategies we can implement:


- Conduct assessments to identify areas of stress and develop personalized self-care plans, including relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises, and stress management strategies.
- Provide education on the importance of restorative sleep and offer guidance on sleep hygiene practices to improve sleep quality during fragmented sleep cycles.



- Facilitate discussions around role expectations within the family unit and assist moms in renegotiating roles to accommodate their evolving needs as caregivers.
- Offer guidance on effective communication strategies to foster collaboration and shared responsibilities among partners, family members, and caregivers.


- Conduct assessments of physical function, including pelvic floor strength, abdominal muscle integrity, and posture, and develop individualized exercise programs to promote postpartum recovery.
- Offer guidance on ergonomic positioning and lifting techniques to prevent musculoskeletal strain during caregiving activities such as feeding, diapering, and carrying the baby.


- Collaborate with moms to establish realistic routines that prioritize essential activities such as feeding, sleeping, self-care, and bonding time with the baby.
- Utilize time-management techniques and scheduling tools to help moms effectively allocate their time and energy throughout the day.



- Provide psychoeducation on the emotional changes associated with the postpartum period, including baby blues, postpartum depression, and anxiety, and offer coping strategies and referrals to mental health professionals when needed.
- Normalize the challenges of breastfeeding and offer practical solutions for common issues such as latch difficulties, engorgement, and nipple pain.

New Demands

- Introduce adaptive equipment and assistive devices to facilitate activities of daily living, such as breastfeeding pillows, baby carriers, and ergonomic feeding utensils.
- Provide education on infant development and sensory integration principles to support bonding and engagement with the baby through age-appropriate play and sensory experiences.

By implementing these targeted occupational therapy strategies, we can empower new moms to navigate the postpartum period with confidence and resilience. We support your holistic wellbeing as you embark on or continue this transformative journey into motherhood.

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