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Mens's Pelvic Health:

with Molly Lukes

Pelvic floor disorders in men are often under-recognized and under-treated. Men may suffer from conditions such as pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, post-prostatectomy rehabilitation, and sexual dysfunction. As an occupational therapist specializing in men's pelvic health, Molly uses a holistic approach to assess and treat these issues. She employs techniques such as nervous system reguilation, pelvic floor exercises, and manual therapy to connect to and strengthen the pelvic muscles, improve coordination, and alleviate pain. These interventions not only address the physical symptoms but also enhance overall quality of life by restoring confidence and daily functioning.


Pelvic health occupational therapy can provide many men with education and support for lifestyle modifications that contribute to pelvic health. This includes guidance on proper body mechanics, posture, and ergonomic strategies to reduce strain on the pelvic region. Molly also works on behavioral strategies to manage symptoms, such as bladder retraining and daily habit modifications to prevent irritation of the pelvic tissues. By addressing both the physical and behavioral aspects of pelvic health, Molly offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to help men regain control over their pelvic function and improve their overall wellbeing. She is a dedicated and compassionate therapist, and uses both innovative functional interventions and evidence-based techniques, to empower men to regain function, improve quality of life, and achieve optimal pelvic health.

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