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Free Guides

As health care providers, we recognize the power of community and shared resources in fostering support, empowerment, and education. By offering access to resources and creating a supportive community, we help you improve personal outcomes, promote holistic wellbeing, and break down stigmas surrounding pelvic health issues.


Below we offer free downloadable guides, with simple and helpful tips for small habit changes that have big impact! Just click the image to snag the PDF.

Check back often, as we regularly add and update our guides.

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Self Screening Tool for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

A simple self-check for possible pelvic floor dysfunction. Do you have to change your lifestyle to manage your symptoms? Does this bother you? If so, a pelvic floor therapy consultation might be helpful for you!

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360 breathing is a technique that involves breathing deeply into your diaphragm, expanding your rib cage in all directions. This coordinated movement can help strengthen the pelvic floor, and promote better bladder and bowel control and other benefits!

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Posture & Positioning

Using optimal body mechanics in baby care helps maintain healthy pelvic and postural stability and function. This approach prevents undue stress on the pelvic floor, promoting overall wellbeing for the caregiver.

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Scar Massage

Early scar mobility after C-section is crucial to prevent adhesions and improve tissue flexibility, promoting better healing and function. Early scar massage can help prevent potential symptoms like abdominal tension, urinary issues, and painful sex.

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